Teacher and Speaker Information

(David Machek)

Drum solo for dancers and drummers

Intro to Odd Metered Rhythms from The Near East, Balkans and Romani Peoples

(Susan Richter)

Friday- Blockflute (recorder) technique and ensemble

Friday- Renaissance Loud Band

Saturday-Blockflute (recorder) Technique and Ensemble

Saturday-Renaissance Loud Band

Sunday- Blockflute (recorder) technique and ensemble

(Silvia Salamanca)

Zambra Mora 8AM-12PM

(Emily Winerock )

"Dance it trippingly": Staging Dances from and for Shakespeare Plays

"May the source be with you": Reconstructing Dances from Original Sources

Dance on the Shakespearean Stage: Text and Context

The Latest and Greatest: A Renaissance Dance Research Update

Adelaide de Beaumont(Lisa Theriot)

"The Nightingale" by Thomas Weelkes, Women's Ensemble

Choral Ball Set Rehearsal

Contrafacta with Dance Tunes

Rounds and Canons--Get Singing!

Setting Original Dances to Period Tunes

Albrecht Catsprey(Albert Cofrin)

European Dance Band Rehearsal

European Dance Band Rehearsal part 2

Improvisational dance forms

Improvising Galliard, Salterello and Pivas

Instrument and Songbook Petting Zoo

Viola da Gamba reading session

Alina of Foxwood(Elaine Cohen)

Uncommon Cascarde

Angelina de Nardi(Angela Sanders)

Beginner/Intermediate 15th Century Italian Dance

English Country Dance for Beginners

Anna von Eschenbach(Anna Kiefer)

Introduction to Musical Elements and Terms

Renaissance Counterpoint 101

Renaissance Counterpoint 201

Barbara Santangelo (Barbara Lee)

Reading Gregorian Chant

The beginnings of secular instrumental music as a distinct genre in the Florence of Lorenzo the Grea

Biatrichi Canzionari(Jane Bretz)

A History of Western & Eastern Drumming

Demystifying the Middle Eastern Scales

Catalina De Isenfir(Heidi Zmick)

Intermediate English Country Dance

Catherine of the Rowan Tree(Cath Jackel)

A foot in the air

Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann(Robyn Shelton)

Beginning Doumbek Drumming

Vocal Warm Ups - How do I control my breathing?

Cynric of Bedwyn(Robert G. Ferrell)

Musicality for Pit Percussionists

Daniel de Lincoln(Tim McDaniel)

Beginner Gresley Manuscript Dances

Friday Night Ball Preparation

Ermagerd de Tours, nobilis (Michele Buzbee)

Madrigal Jam

One Madrigal Workshop

Evelynne Merrymet

Difficult Gresley

Moderate Gresley

Gwenllian ferch Maredudd(Wendy Erisman)

Progressive English Country Dances

Hermankyn Of Quintavia (Jesse Wertheimer)

Dances Without Dignity

Eight person Madness

Fun, Flirty Beginner Italian Dances

James Blackcloak(Jamie Hargrove)

Barriera Da Farsi in Molti Modi

Contrapasso Da Farsi in Tutti I Modi

Jeanette Lockforte(Jeanette Dunnett)

Beginner Playford English Country Dance

Joachim Silvertongue(Joachim Zwick)

Taqsim and You!

Kolfinna inn kyrra Otarsdottir(Kira Langsjoen)


Korinna Ospreygeneia(Francis Marquis)

Middle Eastern Floorwork

Llywelyn Gruffydd(Todd Marsh)

Vocal Polyphony: Kyrie by Francisco Guerrero

Vocal Polyphony: Kyrie by Francisco Guerrero, part 2

Myfanwy ferch Eifion(Robyn Bainter)

KWDMS 2019 Wrap up

Nicolosa de Isenfir(Kendra Schmid)

Coordinating Dancers and Players

Creative in SCA: Choreograph and Compose an English Country Dance

Perronnelle Charrette

Saturday Night Ball Preparation

Randall Clark(Randy Newton)

Interactive Dances - let's play dancing games

Rebecca da Firenze(Rebecca Friedman)

Furioso All'Italiana

Vita di Colino

Rhiannon ferch Cian(Deborah Wade)

Impacts of trade and commerce on the Dance of India and Persia

Props: Yes, No, Maybe

Rhiannon Verch Bryan(Virginia Lively)

Advanced Egyptian with Zills

Syncopation in Middle Eastern Dance

Robin Carrot(Courtney Smith)

How to Play Djembe

How to Read Modern Music-Basic

Roselyne de l'Estrangere

Bassedanse for All!

Il Papa: Now with Period Music!

Rubeus le Blont(Nathan King)

Gracca Amorosa for Beginners

The Inns of Court for Weary Bones

Runolfr Ulfsson(Ted Collins)

Caroso for Beginners

Sara de Bonneville(Sara Bonneville)

Revisiting 2 Caroso Dances from KWDS 12-Bellezze d’Olimpia and Marviglia d’Amore

Stingo & My Lady Cullen: a Tale of Two Interpretation

Simha bint Yusuf

Dancing with Stage Fright

Posture and Building a Strong Core

Simone Valery La Rousse(Cynthia Hamilton)

Beginning Middle Eastern dance

Beginning Persian Classical Dance

Poetry in Motion

Sonya Flicker called Patches(Sonya Gross)

ECD: Easy to complicated

Sorcha ni Fhaolain(Jane Fisher)

Dag-nabbit Two-Couple ECD

ECD Adding Flair

Once More with Feeling

Stefan of Cambion(Stephen Kiefert)

Beginner Italian dances

Inns of Court

Whirligig and Nonesuch

Tenochcacuictl Delmar(Esteban Padilla)

16th Century "Western" Music and the New World

Guided Hafla Practice for Instrumentalists

Introduction to Middle Eastern Music for Instrumentalists

Thyra Eiriksdottir(Karen Veale)

Caroso for 3

Reconstruction Workshop

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

My favorite galliards

Tuathal O’Sheils(Jordan Garcia)

A deeper look at Italian footwork and body actions

English country dances for 8

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

Hosting the Known World Dance & Music Symposium

Low Impact Galliard

Wenllyan Goch(Michelle C)

Bransles for the Ball

Dance like the Valois: Improvised Dances for the music of the French Renaissance Guitar