Site Fees and Registration

Known World Dance and Music Symposium PayPal

PayPal pre-registration is available!!!

When pre-registering be aware:

  • All pre-registrations for an email address will be processed as a single PayPal invoice if done at the same time
    • We encourage families and friends to consolidate pre-registrations to reduce KWDMS processing fees
  • Proceedings will not be provided so please do not pre-register. Those who already have pre-registered, we are working on providing refunds. 
  • Pre-registration closes on May 31st

Lunch is provided on Friday and Saturday.


  • Full weekend costs include all activities from Thursday night through Sunday morning
  • One day costs are if attending only for Friday or Saturday
  • Minors aged 14-17 must pay the adult fees and will not receive a membership discount
  • Membership discount for adults and minors aged 14-17 require proof of membership at the event
  • There is no “family max” for this event
  • Site Fee Pre-Registration Fees : Cost for the event if pre-paying
  • Proceedings Pre-registration Fees : Cost for printed materials for all classes on all tracks
    • Proceedings are only available to those who pre-register via PayPal
    • Proceedings will be handed out when signing in at the event
    • Materials are due from instructors by May 27th
  • Site Fee : Cost when paying at the event


Site Fee Pre-registration Fees