Site Fees and Registration

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Site Fee

€ 0,00 (EUR)

Thursday through Sunday fees

Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Thurs-Sun 95 eur

Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Thurs-Sun 110 eur

Children 7-13, Thurs-Sun 15 eur

Teenagers 14-17, Thurs-Sun 50 eur

€ 0,00 (EUR)

Friday through Sunday fees

Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Fri-Sun 70 eur

Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Fri-Sun 85 eur

Children 7-13, Fri-Sun 10 eur

Teenagers 14-17, Fri-Sun 30 eur
€ 0,00 (EUR)

Saturday (all day) only fees

Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Sat only 45 eur

Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Sat only 60 eur

Children 7-13, Sat only 5 eur

Teenagers 14-17, Sat only 20 eur

€ 0,00 (EUR)

Ball Only Tickets

Ticket to Thursday or Friday evening ball - 15 eur

Ticket to Saturday evening ball (includes sideboard)- 20 eur


€ 0,00 (EUR)

Hostel Fees

Hostel beds will be available per person for 14 eur per night.

There is also an optional bedding rental fee for each individual of 6 EUR for duration of stay.