University of Washington

185 Stevens Way

Seattle, WA 98105


The sixth biennial Known World Dance Symposium is underway in Seattle, Washington on the campus of the University of Washington. Our focus is historical dance up through 1651. The symposium features instruction in particular dances, presentations on research and reconstruction, dance performances, social dancing, and more!

If you're a casual dancer, or want to become one, come to our special "Day of Dance" at KWDS on Saturday, June 30. There will be six 30-minute workshops for beginners in the afternoon taught by instructors from across the Known World; then, after the dinner break, you can show off what you've learned at a grand ball with live music, plus see more dances taught at the event and some performances by Seattle Early Dance.

On the other hand, if you're ready to take your dancing to the next level, come to the whole Known World Dance Symposium. We have multiple tracks of sessions all day Friday, Saturday, and on Sunday morning. We have dances on Friday and Saturday nights, and a ball following period etiquette rules on Sunday afternoon.