Drachenwald Known World Dance Symposium XI – Registration Form

Please fill in the following information as completely as possible. When done, click on the Send button to submit. The Reservations steward will review your reservation and email you with payment instructions. If needed, she can be reached with questions at kwds2015res(at)gmail.com.

Personal Information

  • Where do you hail from? (Kingdom, Barony, Shire, Canton)
  • Are you a SCA member or SCA Affiliate member?YesNo

Note: Members will be required to show their membership cards, affiliate cards or proof of membership at registration.

If you are making a reservation for more than yourself, please fill in the SCA and mundane names of others in your party. e.g. Lady de Luck/Mary Smith. Put each person on a new line in the text box below.

Event Fees

Fill in the number of reservations you're making on each line. (Delete the 0 and fill in a number.)
There is a family cap of 2 adults and 2 highest priced fees for children or teenagers. Please indicate all children and teens attending and the reservation steward will calculate the total fee.

Thursday through Sunday Event Fees
Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Thurs-Sun 95 eur
Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Thurs-Sun 110 eur
Children 7-13, Thurs-Sun 15 eur
Teenagers 14-17, Thurs-Sun 50 eur

Friday through Sunday Event Fees
Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Fri-Sun 70 eur
Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Fri-Sun 85 eur
Children 7-103 Fri-Sun 10 eur
Teenagers 14-17, Fri-Sun 30 eur

Saturday only (all day) Event Fees
Adult, SCA/affiliate member, Sat only 45 eur
Adult, non-SCA/affiliate member, Sat only 60 eur
Children 7-13, Sat only 5 eur
Teenagers 14-17, Sat only 20 eur

Ball tickets for non-event attendees (skip this section if you are registering for the full event)
Admittance to all balls is included in the event fee. However, separate ball tickets are available for those who wish to attend ONLY the balls. These may be reserved now via this form or bought at the door. The ball ticket price is the same for members and non-members. All balls begin at 20:00.
Thursday evening ball ticket ONLY 15 eur
Friday evening ball ticket ONLY 15 eur
Saturday evening ball ticket ONLY 20 eur

Lodging (Optional)

Lodging is available in a nearby youth hostel for 14 EUR per night beginning at 12:00pm Wednesday, April 15, 2014. Checkout from the Hostel is 12:00pm Sunday April 19, 2014. Note that children ages 7-17 each need a separate bed.

There are currently no more beds available in the Youth Hostel on Wednesday April 14 and Thursday April 15. We have started a waiting list for hostel beds for these nights. Beds may become available in the future as participants cancel or choose to stay elsewhere. Thus you may still register now for hostel beds on April 14 and 15 and we'll place your name on a waiting list for these 2 nights.

There are still plenty of hostel beds available for Friday and Saturday nights.
Number of beds for Wed April 15th
Number of beds for Thursday April 16th
Number of beds for Friday April 17th
Number of beds for Saturday April 18th
You MUST bring your own bedding (bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase) or rent bedding for each individual for 6 EUR for duration of stay.
Number of bedding rentals:
Or write Yes here to indicate you will bring your own bedding (so we don't have to ask you!)

Other Information

The event fee includes lunch Thursday through Saturday, dinner on Thursday and Friday and feast on Saturday. Do you or other members of your party have any dietary restrictions?

Are there any other restrictions, special travel plans, time of arrival on site or other things the event staff should know about your visit? Also indicate if you'd like to help out with any activity, such helping in the kitchen, heralding, tavern, etc.

Please complete the following textbox with the letters shown in the picture to prove you are human:

Hint: the 'd' in KWDS