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When does KWDS XI open and close? - Updated Jan 7, 2015

Event and youth hostel check-in officially opens at 4:00pm on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Luggage may be dropped off at the Old Town Hall event site beginning at 12:00pm that day. The event closes at 12:00pm on Sunday, April 19th.

This is my first SCA event. Where can I find out more info?

The SCA has Newcomer information at http://welcome.sca.org/. Here you can read about the different activities within the SCA, what to wear to an event and tips to find out more specific information. More information about the SCA in Europe is found at http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/index_new.php

What does the KWDS XI event cost and what is included?

Event fees for SCA members and non-members are posted on the Site Fees page on this website. There is a family cap of 2 adults and 2 highest priced fees for children or teenagers. Event fees include access to all classes, board (lunch/dinner) and access to all balls. Separate event tickets to attend the evening balls are also be available.

What qualifies as SCA membership?

You are considered a SCA member if you or your family have a current SCA Inc membership or hold a current membership in a SCA affiliate organization. SCA membership cards, affiliate membership cards or proof of SCA or affiliate membership can be shown at the event gate.

How do I register?

Select the Registration menu item under the Main Menu on the left of this site and fill out the form. The reservations steward will review your information and send you payment instructions.

Can lodging be booked with event registration?

Yes. Lodging is provided at a nearby Youth Hostel during the event (Wed-Sat nights, checkout on Sunday). More information about the youth hostel is on the Lodging page on this site.

What is on the menu for lunches and dinners?

Menu information will be posted closer to the event date. Please note that meals will be smorgasbord/sideboard style to accommodate different class and activity schedules. You should bring your own feast gear.

Are there other restaurants close to the event site?

Yes. There are a variety of pubs, restaurants and bakeries in walking distance of the event site.

How do I get to the site?

See the Directions page at the left under the Main Menu.

Are pick-ups available from the Frankfurt airport?

No. There is German public train service from the airport which can bring you to Miltenberg. Rental cars are also available at the airport.

I’m flying to the event and don’t have much luggage room. Is bedding and feast gear available?

If staying at the hostel, bedding is available for a fee of 6 Euros. You can indicate you need this on the registration form. If you have limited baggage space, we ask that you try and bring your own glass or mug. Then indicate on your registration form that you will need a plate and utensils.

Is the event site handicap accessible?

The main site faculties are wheelchair accessible, have handicap accessible restrooms and there is an elevator. The Youth hostel is NOT handicap accessible. Please indicate on the registration form any special needs for you or your party.

I have heard there are bunk beds at the hostel. May I request a lower bunk?

Yes, although it cannot be guaranteed. Please put the request on your registration form. The event staff will do their best to accommodate you.

Are there any special trips or activities before or after the event?

Nothing is currently planned though as the date grows closer, information about dance or medieval themed events may be posted here and in the Facebook group.

Will musicians be needed/able to play for the balls and classes?

Yes. Otto and Caitlin of Gaita enjoy working with other musicians. Workshops will be offered at the event for musicians so that musicians can prepare. Additionally, musicians will definitely be needed for classes. Please contact the event steward Judith de Northumbria for either opportunity using the email link on the Contacts page of this site.

How do I volunteer to help out?

Indicate on your event registration form that you’d like to volunteer or send this information in an email to an Event Steward. You can also volunteer when registering at the event gate.

Will there be a tavern? Is beer/wine/alcohol allowed?

Yes and Yes. Baron Agilmar von Sevelingen, tavern keeper of Known World renown will once again serve as tavern host. The tavern will be located on site. Soft drinks, water, juice, beer and wine will be available for purchase at a reasonable price during afternoon classes and evening events. Do you have another question you wish answered? Send it to the event stewards using the email button on the Contacts page of this site or post your question in the KWDS XI Facebook group.