A medieval style lunch and dinner will be served on site Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a short feast on Saturday. Here is the food schedule and menus. 

Food Schedule 
• 11:30 - 13:30 Buffet Lunch
• 14:30 - 16:00 Kaffeezeit / Afternoon Tea
• 18:00 - 19:30 Supper / Feast (on Saturday) 
There will also be a Sideboard at the feast on Saturday beginning at 21:00

Thursday Lunch
• A pie of colworts 
• Meatballs
• Compost
• Green Salad

Thursday Kaffeezeit/Afternoon Tea
• Fruits, cheese cubes, salami, hard boiled eggs, 
• Elizabethan ginger bread

Thursday Supper
• Chicken crowned with eggs
• Tarts of eggs
• Mushrooms and leeks
• Frumenty
• Pears in confection 

Friday Lunch
• Meat Pasties
• Mushroom pie
• Another compost
• Green salad

Friday Kaffeezeit/Afternoon Tea
• Fruit, cheese, salami, eggs, 
• Peascods in lent

Friday Supper
• Douce Anne (chicken with milk and honey)
• Lasagna layered with cheese
• Perry of pesoun
• Cherry pottage 

Saturday Lunch
• Assorted cold roasted meats
• Tart de bry
• Compost
• Green salad

Saturday Kaffeezeit/Afternoon Tea
• Fruit, cheese, fresh cheese, herb butter, honey butter, fresh bread, 
• Elizabethan biskit bread + Wafyrs

Saturday Feast

1st course
• Breseola (Vegetarian substitution, Layered omelets) 
• Cooked cabbages in water, oil and salt

2nd course
• Stuffed leg of mutton (Vegetarian option, Gilded bread fried in butter)
• Stuffed kohlrabi - (Vegetarian) 

3rd course 
• Goose with rice & noodles (Vegetarian option-Genovese onion gattafura)
• Thick soup of asparagus in meat broth (Vegetarian version available)

4th course 
• Milk pies

Sideboard at the Grand Ball
• Sweets, savories and subtleties