Teacher and Speaker Information

Introduction to Persian Dance

(Julia Hagmann)

A suite of branles:

Bizzaria d’Amore – a 16th c. Italian dance by Negri

Caitlin de Courcy(Cait Webb)

More complex dances from the Gresley Manuscript

Mysteries of the Burgundian Basse dance revealed

Simple dances from the Gresley Manuscript


Celemon Gwynedd(Kristina Hildebrand)

16th century balli

Reading movement: translations from ms to dance hall

Chlotichilda Wulfing(Päivi Miettunen)

Part I: Theatrical Dance of the Renaissance

Part II: Theatrical Dance of the Renaissance

Part III: Theatrical Dance of the Renaissance

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Introduction to the Pattricke/Lovelace/Church Manuscript

Playford is not the ultimate definition of English Country Dance

Deonna von Aachen(Beth Gurzler)

Bransles, brawles, branles!

Elisabet Nilsdotter(Kristina Wågman)

Rostiboli Gioioso

Emma Danskona(Sarah Scroggie)

15th c. English dance: Gresley for the Groggy

Dance in Transition

Etienne de Clermont(Steve Bush)

Altezza d'Amore

Surely You Joust?

Evelynne Merrymet

Intermediate English Country

Gwenllian ferch Maredudd(Wendy Erisman)

Beginning English Country Dance

The Old Measures: Dances from the Inns of Court

Judith de Northumbria(Rachel Lorenz)

15th c. folk dance: Chirintana, Piva and Saltarello

Courtship gone awry: Fia Guilemina for Four

Final Masque Rehearsal

Gresley Roundtable

Marchesana: Tempo-changing balli for beginners:

Masque rehearsal: Mercantia

Masque rehearsal: Pizochara

Masque Rehearsal: Sword dance

Masque rehearsal: Tesara

Masque Rehearsal: Tesara and Sword Dance

Performance Before the Court

Queen of the Dance: Damnes, a bassadanza for 3

Queen of the Dance: Pelligrina, a bassadanza for three

Reconsidering the lilly: Gelosia, Amoroso and Belfiore

Simple 15th c. dances: Petits Vriens and Petite Rose

Kaarina Eerikintytär(Taija Paju)

Easy period and sca songs

Songwriting in period style

Margaret de Mey(Margaret Menzies)

Social dancing for beginners - with flirting tips

Otto von Graz(Chris Elmes)

Arranging Music for Bassadanza/Basse Danse Tenors

Performing from Memory

Playing Music for 15th C dance

Stefan of Cambion(Stephen Kiefert)

Inns of Court

Parson's Farewell/Whirligig

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

Beginning Caroso dances

My favorite galliards

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)


Dressed up Pavans: 16th Century Balletti