Teacher and Speaker Information

(George Dimitri Sawa)

Medieval Arabic Music Theory and Paradigms

Middle Eastern Percussion

Social Status of Musicians & the Role of Women in

The Aesthetics of Music & Dance

(Victoria Gray)

Dances of the Turkic Nomads

Persian Classical Dance

Persian Folklore Dance

Uzbek Dance - Ferghana style

(Hans Utter)

Introduction to Central Asian Music, Dance, and Po

Khyal and Dhrupad: Hindustani Vocal Music

Raag and Taal: Music and Court Culture in Mughal Empire

The Dance and Music of Bihu: Music, Gender and Sex

Aaron Drummond(Aaron Elkiss)

Arranging Polyphonic Dance Music from Lute Tablatu

Morley Consort

Adelheidis Danzevous

Sword & Floor Work for Bellydancers

Yoga for the Dancer

Yoga for the Dancer

Yoga for the Dancer

Aiden Elfeadur


Alethea bint Fahd ibn Akhtar

Jazzy Jewels

Layering Without Panicking!

Single & Double Veil

Zill, Baby, Zill!

Alina of Foxwood(Elaine Cohen)

Two Cascarde

Amelie d'Anjou

Bowed Strings

Modal Improvisation

Ornamenting Dance Music

Catherine of the Rowan Tree(Cath Jackel)

Almans & Courantes

Celeste Dougherty

Bellydancer's Survival Guide

Chandara Gamal(Chandara Gamal)

Teacher's Toolkit

Christian d'Hiver

Intermediate Recorder Technique

Music for Improvised 16th Century Dance



Happy Dancing Feet in the 16th Century

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Presenting: The Lovelace Manuscript

Torneo Amoroso

Two More Lovelace MS Dances

Daniele di Padola

I Salti del Fiocco

Improvisation and Galliards Choreographies

Darius the Dancer(David Learmonth)

All the Bransles!

Bransles Featured in the Masque

Easy 16th-c. Italian Dances

Delbert von Strassburg

16th c. Italian

Deonna von Aachen(Beth Gurzler)

Playing for Dancing

Emine bint Istani

Bhangra Breakdown!

Bharata Natyam Choreography

Dance Sculpture in Shiva Temples

Intro to Bharata Natyam

Emma Danskona(Sarah Scroggie)

Beginner Gresley Dances

Intermediate Gresley Dances

Evelynne Merrymet

Intermediate English Country Dances

Felice Debbage(Sarah Cordingley)

Contradances from Playford 1651

Doppie Mutanze: Double Galliard Variations

Introduction to Galliards

Fern de la Foret

Dancing And Fighting

Learn to Dance Gracefully

Ginevra Boscoli

Easy 15th-c. Italian

Sing Your Bransles

Guillaume di San Marino

Il Contro del Orco

Inns of Court Dances

Gwommy Anpurpaidh(Bill Holderman)

A Prelude to Playford: Easy English Country Dances

Henry of Maldon

Branles, Revisited

Progressive Dances in Playford 1651

Jadwiga Krzyzanowska(Monique Rio)

Boost Your Sight-Reading Skills for Dance Music

James Blackcloak(Jamie Hargrove)

Four Couple English Country Dances

Three-Couple English Dances

Two-Couple English Country Dances

Jezebel Ava Shuvani

Beginning Bellydance

Intermediate/Advanced Rom/Gypsy Choreography

Lakshmi Amman

Approaching Dance Documentation and Presentation

Classical Indian Dance – The Next Step

Introduction to Carnatic Dance Music

Introduction to Kalaripayattu

Kalari Drills

Variations in Bharata Natyam

Margaret Raynsford

Playing and Dancing at the Same Time

Margrett Norwoode

Dance Music in the Vocal Realm

Maurin Lessault(David Barnes)

Amoroso, Revisited

Cascarde “Chiara Stella”

Two 15th-c. Italian Balli

Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious(Michelle Henry)

Bizzaria d’Amore

Midair MacCormaic

Dance Interaction

Improvising Dance

Milesent Vibert

16th Century Persian Dance

Philip White(Craig Shupee)

How to Make Your Dance Master Love You: Learning How to Partner w/Dance Masters while Running a Pit

Noblita d’Amore

Robyn (Robyn Staebler)

A Prelude to Playford: Easy English Country Dances

Robyn Solarius


Robyyan Torr d'Elandris(D S)

Introduction and/or Continuing Pipe and Tabor

Tambourine Practicum

Ron Fisher

Dance Music in Central Europe 1480-1680

Roselyne de l'Estrangere

15th-c. Bassedanse: Big Picture and Interesting Ch

Ladies and Gentlemen of Honour: Courtesy in Dance

Sara de Bonneville(Sara Bonneville)

16th-c. Step Reconstructions Discussion

Basa Toscana

Stefan of Cambion(Stephen Kiefert)

Advanced English Country Dance

Inns of Court Dances Choreographies

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

Inns of Court Dances

Introduction to Early Modern Dance

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

16th Century Italian Step Practice

Intermediate 15th-c. Italian


Port Said — A Fisherman's Dance from Egypt

Tahtiib - Men's Stick Dance from Egypt

Zattana Al-Naseem

Natural Adornment: Henna traditions from Africa to