Please go to the Balls page for information about the Saturday hafla.

Please go to the volunteer spreadsheet to help out.  We are asking for people to volunteer a 2 hour shift to work as gophers.  You may be asked to deliver equipment to different rooms, check on water stations, collect teacher rosters, or ring a bell to indicate the classes have ended.  You can also volunteer when registering at the event gate.

Guidbook Ap Available
In addition to a standard paper program, we will have an electronic version via "The Guidebook".  You will need to download the Guidebook app (free to download for ios or android). After you download the app, open it and do a search for "KWDS" and it should be the only result.
We (really Gwommy, Thanks!) have included all the classes and a site map. There is also a feature to upload photos.

The consessions menu is now posted.

Please see the merchant page for a list of merchants at the event.

Guest Instructors
We are extremely pleased to bring you three amazing instructors.  Barbra Segal and Bill Tuck will be teaching European dance and music.  Carmine Guida will be teaching Middle Eastern drumming.  Please see the "attendees" page for more information about these fantastic instructors.

The electronic version of the proceedings is now up on the Proceedings page.  

Music for the Balls
The majority of the ball sets are open to any musician.  However, the third set on Friday night will have a closed band, Musica Tramontana: Deonna von Aachen, Rufina Cambrensis, John Elys, Isabeau d’Orleans, Udalrich Schermer, and
Guinemer d’Anglade, with special guest Albrecht Catsprey.  See the Music page for more details.

Food and retail
A list of nearby restaurants and retail stores can be found on the "food" page.  See this page for information about the consessions and the hospitality suite.

Class Schedule is up!
The class schedule is now up.  We are thrilled to bring a robust and rich class schedule. There are 126 hours of classes with 2 music tracks, a Middle Eastern track, and several classes just on bardic.

Local Attractions section has been updated
A long list of local attractions are now up on the website. The DC/Baltimore area is rich in museums and historic sites.

Registration for the Symposium
The deadline for preregistration is now MAY 31. Prices go up quite a bit after the preregistration deadline. There are three ways to register: by mail, in person, and via PayPal.

A proceedings book is a book containing all the class notes from the symposium. There will be an electronic version available for free on the website (the link is not available yet). You can also purchase a printed version for $12 during preregistration or a limited supply will be available for $15 at the door. Details are on the registration page.

Unfortunately, the main hotel, Radisson Baltimore North, is now fully occupied. However, we have two options. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for rooms at the Radisson, please send me an email. We also got a block of rooms at a nearby hotel, the Red Roof Inn. The rate is $84.99 for Thursday and $110.49 for Friday and Saturday nights for 2 adults; 3 or 4 adults are an additional $4.25 each. This rate is only guaranteed if there are at least 10 room nights rented. If there aren’t enough room nights rented, then the hotel may choose either to honor the rate or increase it by 15%. Please see the lodging page for details on phone number, block code, and address for the Red Roof Inn.

Registration to Teach a Classes
Classes that are registered by April 29 will have the class notes included in the proceedings book. After that date, it will be up to the proceedings editor to include classes registered. You need to have an account to register a class. Once you create an account, you can submit a class using “submit a class” on the left hand side. If you want to take a class or just join in the fun, you do not need an account on the website.

Garb is only required for the evening activities. Garb will be admired but not required during the day. There are many that are coming from long distances. Since garb takes up a lot of space in a suitcase, we thought it would be less of a burden if attendees could wear modern clothes during the day.

2/28/17 We are exploring a shuttle from the light rail station to the hotel. This is NOT a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. You can take the light rail from BWI airport almost to the hotel. We would pick you up at the light rail station. Please reach out to the event steward (via the contact page) if you are interested. We need to know how many people would want this service in order to figure out how to staff it.

2/19/17 The PayPal site is set up. Please, please, please read the instructions on how to pay via PayPal. We have a Kingdom specific process.

2/19/17 There will be a FREE electronic version of the proceedings, a collection of all the class notes. There will also be a printed version available for sale. You can prepay for the printed version when you register (if using PayPal, select cabin).

2/19/17 We have 5 classes submitted already! Please submit classes!

9/28/16 We are happy to announce that we have been able to keep our site fees down to $50 for the weekend and $25 for a day pass (preregistration rates). We are working on getting approval to accept PayPal payments and will post an update when that is available.

You can now reserve the hotel rooms via the web. See the lodging page for details.