The Known World Dance and Music Symposium will have 3, count them THREE, merchants!

1) One of Atlantia's fine furniture makers,, will be there with tables, chairs, and many other wooden pieces for your SCA kit.

2) Our beloved Event Steward found a reflexologist to come provide relief to tired feet and other body parts! See his site here:

3) And of course, for all your SCA Dance Music needs, Musica Subterranea will be there with 5 CDs of SCA specific dance music PLUS some special tokens for the band's 20th Anniversary!  See the band's site for ordering CDs remotely at

Carve out some time to make a few special purchases to fill your SCA life with dance, music, and comfortable bodies!





  • Merchants are welcome to operate at KWDMS without a merchanting fee, but must register at this

    registration form

    and receive a confirmation email from the Merchant Coordinator, Lady Sophia the Orange,before merchanting space will be assigned.
  • There are no required open and close times.
  • Merchants can arrive and start setting up as early as 3:00pm, Thursday, June 15 and must be off site by 4:00pm, Sunday, June 18.
  • Spaces will be set at 10'x10' by default. You may request a larger space if needed. Extra space will be allotted depending on how many merchants sign up to attend.
  • Merchant spaces will be inside one of the ballrooms.
  • Merchants may stay open during the evening balls as long as their activities do not disturb the dancing.
  • The ballroom will be locked at the end of the balls, but no other security measures are provided by the event. Leave your merchant table unattended at your own risk.
  • Electricity will be available, but merchants must bring their own surge protectors and extension cords.
  • By registering to merchant at the KWDMS, all merchants, their agents, employees and affiliates agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the State of Maryland and The Society for Creative Anachronism Inc.
  • Registration gives the merchant the privilege of selling as an independent contractor. Registration as a merchant is a privilege granted by KWDMS, not a right. The Merchant Coordinator or Autocrat may revoke said approval without reason or cause of any kind. Infractions of the rules may result in withdrawal of merchant privileges and expulsion from KWDMS.
  • If another merchant is selling with you, in your space, their merchandise is considered to be on consignment and you are responsible for collecting and turning in the Maryland sales tax.
  • Any questions about merchanting should be directed to the Merchant Coordinator, Lady Sophia the Orange, at orangesophie AT gmail.