About & FAQ


Do you have information about the local airport?

The closet airport is BWI (Baltimore/Washington International). While there isn't a shuttle, one can easily get a taxi or Uber from the airport or use the light rail. Sometimes it is cheaper or there are better flight options for other airports. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) is an alternative to consider. However, the distance is much greater and DC area traffic is notoriously bad. With no traffic the distance from BWI to the hotel is 24 miles (estimated 30 mins), for DCA the distance is 60 miles (estimated 1 hour 20 mins).

Can you tell me about lodging?

The hotel is the Radisson North Baltimore. Unfortunately our main hotel is full. Please contact the autocrat if you want to be on the wait list. See the lodging page for information about an overflow hotel.

How do I register?

You can register via mail or PayPal. Please see our Site Fee page for instructions and mailing address.

How do I get to the site?

See the Directions page at the left under the Main Menu.

Are pick-ups available from the Baltimore airport?

No. There is Baltimore public train service from the airport which can bring you to less than a mile from hotel. Rental cars are also available at the airport.

Is the event site handicap accessible?

All the classrooms and ballrooms are on one level. The hallways are wide with plenty of room for wheelchairs or scooters. The hotel is wheelchair accessible, has handicap accessible restrooms and there is an elevator.


Can you tell me about the proceedings (a collection of all the class notes)?

There will be a FREE electronic version of the proceedings. There will also be a printed version available for sale. You can prepay for the printed version when you register (if using PayPal, select cabin).

What does the KWDS XII event cost and what is included?

Event fees for SCA members and non-members are posted on the Site Fees page on this website. Event fees include access to all classes and access to all balls.

Are there any special trips or activities before or after the event?

Nothing is currently planned though as the date grows closer, information about dance or medieval themed events may be posted here and in the Facebook group.

Will musicians be needed/able to play for the balls and classes?

Yes. Workshops will be offered at the event for musicians so that musicians can prepare. Additionally, musicians will definitely be needed for classes. Please contact the musician coordinator Sophia de Orange for either opportunity using the email link on the Contacts page of this site.

How do I volunteer to help out?

Please go to the volunteer spreadsheet to help out.  We are asking for people to volunteer a 2 hour shift to work as gophers.  You may be asked to deliver equipment to different rooms, check on water stations, collect teacher rosters, or ring a bell to indicate the classes have ended.  You can also volunteer when registering at the event gate.

How do I signup to perform?

There are half hour slots all day on Friday and Saturday. If there is interest, we can add slots on Sunday too. The Sign Up Sheet is here. If you have any questions please reach out.findme


What should I wear?

Garb, period attire is required for the balls on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the day, garb will be admired but not required.  There will be loaner garb available for use.

This is my first SCA event. Where can I find out more info?

The SCA has Newcomer information here. Here you can read about the different activities within the SCA, what to wear to an event and tips to find out more specific information.

What qualifies as SCA membership?

You are considered a SCA member if you or your family have a current SCA Inc. membership or hold a current membership in a SCA affiliate organization. SCA membership cards, affiliate membership cards or proof of SCA or affiliate membership can be shown at the event gate.