Dance Band for Musicians at the Known World Dance and Music Symposium

There will be a pick up band at KWDMS to provide almost all of the music (see below) for the evening European Balls and the Sunday Review Ball.

  • Most of the sheet music arrangements will come from the Pennsic Pile or the Musica Subterranea collections.  Please download and print your own copies of the sheet music from the following links:

  • Please come prepared with your own copies of the music, music stands, and pencils for marking your sheet music during rehearsal.

  • Rehearsals will be run primarily by the Dance Band Conductor, Maug. He will be assisted by the professional dance music teacher, Bill Tuck, for the tunes that match the Italian dances taught by his wife, Barbara Segal.  For more information on these professional trainers, please see this page:

  • Rehearsals will be on both Friday and Saturday. Times are 1:30pm - 3:30pm on both Friday and Saturday.

    • Mistress Azza, a Royal Player of Atlantia, is also running a Pennsic Pile general purpose practice for all comers on Saturday from 3:30 - 5:30.

  • Musicians are requested to gather to begin warm up before the balls a half hour before the balls begin. Balls begin at 8:00pm, so please be in your seats ready to warm up by 7:30pm.

  • If you intend on playing in the Known World Dance and Music Symposium Dance Band, please sign up here:

    • Signing up is encouraged but not required. When you sign up here and include your email address, you will be included in pre-event email communication intended to assist you in preparing for playing for the balls. Those musicians who do not sign up ahead of time are still welcome to join in.

Choral Ball Music

  • Download midi versions of the dances in the choral ball here.
  • Download all the sheet music for the choral ball here.
  • Choral Ball music is also included in the All Ball Music spreadsheet above.

Play for Classes

Any musicians who wish to play for classes, please check out the sign up sheet here.

Friday Ball Set III

The third ball set on Friday night will be a closed set.  We are thrilled to have Music Tramontana playiing.  Music Tramontana is a band of minstrels whose core members have been playing together for nearly thirty years. Away from the dance floor, Musica Tramontana has performed for Deeds of Arms, dramatic productions, State dinners, Court functions, and late-night revelry. A typical performance features vocal and instrumental music, with an arsenal of shawms, sackbuts, dulcians, recorders, tabor pipes, viols, lutes, harps, citoles and percussion . Friday's personnel will include Deonna von Aachen, Rufina Cambrensis, John Elys, Isabeau d’Orleans, Udalrich Schermer, and Guinemer d’Anglade, with special guest Albrecht Catsprey.