Teacher and Speaker Information

Indian Fusion

(Fred Blonder)

Saint Martin's

Step Stately

(Barbara Segal)

Contrapasso Nuovo

La Ingrata

Le Bellezze d'Olimpia & Lo Spagnoletto

Maraviglia d'amore & Furioso

Prigionera/Prexonera & Spero

Rostiboli & Rosina

Aaron Drummond(Aaron Elkiss)

Crumhorn Appreciation Society

Music in the Italian Novelle

Aibhilin Fhionn(Elizabeth Thomas)

A Master Class: Focusing on Proper Support for the Voice

The Mechanics and Physiology of Support and Projection for Vocalists

Albrecht Catpsrey(Albert Cofrin)

16th c. Improvisational Dance Music (Galliards, Pivas, Salterellos)

Percussion for European Dance

Running a Dance Musician's pit

Alina of Foxwood(Elaine Cohen)

F is for Fun Cascarde

Alyne of Kendal(Leslie Main Johnson)

Playing for Dance in Period- a survey

Ari Thorbrandsson(Brendan Diehl)

Body Mechanics for Beginning/Intermediate Dancers

Arianna Morgan(Christine Stuermer)

14th Century Italian Secular Vocal Music

Avelina del Dolce(Amanda Mulder)

Easy Dances Children Love

Making Dances Theatrical!

Azza al Shirazi(Zoe Williams)

Hafla Band Jam

Pennsic Pile Practice

Carmine (Carmine Guida)

Carmine and Samira co-teach- "Drum Solos for Drummers and Dancers"

Doumbek Rockstar: Roll, Pop, Slap and Snap!

Ensemble Class

Cattiva (Casey Bond)

Frame Drums for Everyone!

Daniel de Lincoln(Tim McDaniel)

Gresley Manuscript Dances Too

Intermediate English Country

Daniele di Padola

Dances from the Il Papa Manuscript

Issues in Translating Dance Manuscripts

Deonna von Aachen(Beth Gurzler)

Bransles, bransles, bransles

Diana Tregirtse(Diana Troxell)

15th Century Italian Dance 3.0 "at tempo"

Evolution of 15th Century Italian Dance

Lovelace MSS

Esa inghean Donnchaidh(Rachel Scott)

Be Dynamic! A Hafla Primer

Fevronia Murometsa(Kathleen Sobansky)

Bardic Arts Discussion Group

Geoffrey Mathias(Matthew Larsen)

Contentezza dAmore by Caroso

Gun∂ormr Dengir(Aaron Macks)

Reading From Gresley

Gwommy Anpurpaidh(Bill Holderman)

Penelope: A Ribbon Dance

Henry of Maldon

All about Branles

Arbeau's Galliard

Reconsidering the Basic Repertoire

Isabella Beatrice della Rosa called Belle(Melissa Wobig)

5 dances every SCA person should know

Gresley Manuscript Dances

Jadwiga Krzyzanowska(Monique Rio)

Embellishing 16th Century Italian Dance Music

Keyboards Before 1600: Instruments and Repertoire

James Blackcloak(Jamie Hargrove)

Choreography by Committee

Composition by Committee

Contrapasso Da Farsi in Tutti I Modi

Four Couple English Country Dance

Three Couple English Country Dance

Maia Bowen(Michele ODonnell)

Beginner Belly Dance

Mara Kolarova(Meredith Courtney)


Maugorn (Steve Haug)

2nd Pickup Ball Band Practice

Making the best of small and/or random musical ensembles

Pickup Ball Band Practice

Maurin Lessault(David Barnes)

Chiara Stella by Request

Gelosia By The Book

Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious(Michelle Henry)

From Russia with Love

Mirabella Walmesley (Melinda Gretsinger )

Beginner English Country

Nicolosa de Isenfir(Kendra Schmid)

Intermediate English Country Squares

Two Dances, One Song

Philip White(Craig Shupee)

Teaching European Dance

Rebecca da Firenze(Rebecca Friedman)

English Country Dance from the West

Furioso All'Italiana

Rose nic Galen(Elena Stark)

Instrument Happy Hour (A Harp's 21st Birthday Party)

Roselyne de l'Estrangere

Dances from the Il Papa Manuscript

Issues in Translating Dance Manuscripts

Sarah le Payller(Sarah Paylor)

Footwork for English Country Dance

Sionnain of Mynydd Seren

Allegrezza d'Amore 1581 and 1600

Sophia the Orange(Lara Coutinho)

Pentamere Dances Instruction Package for Promoting Period Dance

Teleri the Well-Prepared

A La Mode

HIP to Be Square

Run the Gamut

This Is Gonna Be Epic

Thyra Eiriksdottir(Karen Veale)

Gresley Roundtable

Tell Me a Story

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

My favorite galliards

The Old Measures

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

A History of Dance in the SCA

Dressed up Pavans: 16th Century Balletti

Volodimir of Cambion(Robert Esty)

Practice for Choral Ball Set

Zhenya (aka Ziggy) Gotovtsov(Gene Schwartzman)

Beginning Drumming

Intermediate Drumming