Teacher and Speaker Information

Adele Desfontaines

Intro to 16c Italian Dance

Adria Lorelle

Beginner Middle Eastern Dance

Ariane Lancaster(Christi Cooper)

Alta Somaglia

Brighid of Glebaun

Beginning Branles

Brigit ni Sheachnasaigh

Intermediate Middle Eastern Dance

Performance and Staging

Claire Shayhan

Veil Work

Cormac O'Bron

Beginnning Middle Eastern Drumming

Incorporating other Instruments in the Drum Circle and Drumming Etiquette

Intermediate Middle Eastern Drumming

Middle Eastern Persussion Class & Jam Session

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

English Country for Four Couples

English Country for Three Couples

Delbert von Strassburg

Improvisation in Il Canario


Period Country Dances of the Middle East

Etienne de Clermont(Steve Bush)

Simple 16c Italian Dances for Two

Gregory Blunt

15th Century Italian Steps Roundtable

Guillaume de Troyes(Russell Kinder)

Dances from the Inns of Court

Helene Quivremont

Arbeau's Mimed Dances

Ihon Vinson macFergus

Gresley Dances

Gresley Dances

Isabeau Lallement(Erika Kinder)

Brando di Cales

Lowrie Leulyn(Nadine Latief)

Easy 15th Century Italian Dances

Negri's Il Gratioso

Lyev Davidovitch

Become a better dancer in the period way -- Guglielmo's six rules of dance

Mara Kolarova(Meredith Courtney)

Coranto: Theme and Variations

Discussion: Why various dance sources were written, and who was the target audience?

Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious(Michelle Henry)

A Handful of Almans

Let Your Hair Down: Peasant Dances

Morgan Ellise

Dances from Playford, 1651

Perronnelle Charrette de La Tour du Pin

Advanced Branles

Beginning ECD

Philip White(Craig Shupee)

Intro to 15c Italian

Teaching Teachers

Rhiannon NiBryan Maclaughton

Dancing with Sword

The Art of Pause

Zill Drill

Sana bint Kieran al Kerra

Essential Elements of Middle Eastern Dance, Layering, Shimmies and Locks

Signy Dimmeradalea

Contrapasso Nuovo

The Burgundian Mystery: the basse dance in theory and practice

Signy Gandalvsdottir

Advanced English Country Dances

Intermediate English Country Dance

Sion Andreas o Wynedd(Ian Engle)

A Couple of Dozen Easy Pieces: An Introduction to 16th Century Italian Dancing

Choregrapher's Show & Tell

Sionnain of Mynydd Seren

Catch-All: Dances

Solveig Throndardottir

Japanese Noh Dance

Sorcha ni Fhaolain

Easy ECD's

Fun ECD's



Myth Conceptions about Middle Eastern Dance

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

Fun and Interesting 15th Century Italian Dances

Progressive Dances from Playford, 1651

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

Passo e Mezzo and Pavaniglia, two improvisational dances

Yvonne Kendall

Basse Dance

Reconstructing 16th Century Dance: Pains and Pleasures

Working with Renaissance Dance Music Sources