About & FAQ

What is the SCA?
The SCA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. To find out more information the society in general, visit www.SCA.org.

What is a symposium?
A Symposium is an event with a very narrow focus not only to provide a chance for lots of music and dancing, in our case, but also to provide a forum for discussing new research or providing new ideas for adding music, dance and atmosphere to SCA events.

What should I bring?
It is a good idea to bring a water bottle or mug. Since there is a dayboard (lunch) we will have disposable plates, cups and flatware but you may bring your own if you want. If you are a musician, you should bring a music stand, any soft (recorders, strings, soft buzzies...) or loud (shawms, curtal, sackbutts...) and music that you might like to use at a jam session.

If I bring instruments, will there be a safe place to keep them when I go out to dinner or overnight?
There will be secure locked rooms in both the Parish hall and at UPH. The event steward will be the only one with a key.

I am new to the SCA and have no idea what to do or what to wear?
We will have a newcomers information table set up at UPH with information on the local group and international society as well as clothing that you can borrow for the evening balls.

Oops, I forgot to preregister. Can I still come?
Absolutely. When you arrive to check in, the table labeled "gate" will be able to take all your information, whether you are there for the weekend, the day or just the ball for both preregistered and not preregistered attendees. If you are a member, you'll of course have to show your member card. Cash or a check drawn on a US bank will be acceptable. Sorry, no credit cards.

Where do I go first?
That depends on when you arrive. Thursday night check in is at the Hamilton street site. The signs will be obvious. Friday and Saturday check in is at UPH on Washington Street. You do not, however have to check in each day. Once is enough.

Where do I park?
There are unloading areas next to both buildings. If you are staying at the Inn at Saratoga or one of the other really close motels, you probably want to keep your car at your motel. The parking by UPH during the day is a little complicated exp on Friday. When you come through gate, there will be at the very least a parking handout with suggestions, or hopefully a helpful person outside to help you out.