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Come to the Known World Music and Dance Symposium and learn the history and outcome of the renowned Spanish Armada. Listen to the gossip of the day as we take you through the intrigues and dangers of the European royal courts. Hear the dramatic details of the end of the rule of Spain and the beginnings of the domination of the English on the high seas. Each day you will be given a flyer on the events that lead to the dramatic conclusion presented at the ball each night. By the third night you will know of the dramatic details of the defeat of the Spanish fleet of 122 ships by the English fleet of 66. Spread the gossip, learn the details as the folk of the court would have heard it. Make history come to life, if only for a few days.

We will have open dancing/music, hanging out, and registration on Thursday night. Classes start on Friday morning at 9 am and go until 5 pm. There will be European musical performances during the day. In the evening, there will be a European ball with open band and a Hafla (Middle Eastern dance party). Saturday we repeat the fun, classes start at 9, there will be performances, a ball and Hafla in the evening. On Saturday, one of the European ball sets will be a choral set where there will be singing as well as instrumental music. Sunday things start a little later, with 10 am start for classes. Classes end at noon. There will be a final ball, a review of things we learned during the event.