16th c. Favorites

Our dance ensemble PAVANE (based in the Barony of Stonemarche) focusses mostly on 16th c choreographies by Arbeau, Caroso & Negri. We'll teach three of our favorites - a suite of Bransles after Arbeau to music by Gervaise, a Pavane after Arbeau, and Negri's Lo Spagnoletto - and demonstrate a few others from our performance repertoire (demonstration not available Tuesday June 12). The Bransles and Pavane are simple enough for all levels of ability; Lo Spagnoletto, a dance for two couples, requires familiarity with basic 16th c Italianate stepwork (the repeating chorus helps to make it easier than some).

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Schedule for KWDS III

Deadline for Class Submissions: June 8, 2001

This schedule is not finalized and is still subject to change.
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Day 1: Friday


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