Reconstruction Roundtable

This class is primarily meant for people who reconstruct dances or are otherwise interested in reconstruction. During the class the participants explain (and possibly show) their own interperatations of a set of 2-4 dances, and discuss the differences and reasons for them with other participants. The purpose of the class is to learn about other ways of thinking and to get food for thought - not necessarily achieve any kind of consensus. Short digressions to step reconstruction are expected and allowed. The dances are: Horses' Branle (Arbeau), Ballo del Fiore (The 5-person version in Caroso's Nobilta di Dame), and Cupido (Bassadanza, several manuscipts by Ebreo/Ambrosio) There is a short web page about some available resources for these dances.

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Schedule for KWDS III

Deadline for Class Submissions: June 8, 2001

This schedule is not finalized and is still subject to change.
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Day 1: Friday


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